EkoFest 2012

St Thomas More College

Marsaskala Primary School

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 EkoFest 2012…

What a Wonderful World

Executive Brief:

Chiara, one of the most prominent local singers shall be the special guest of  What a Wonderful World, an environmental awareness raising activity organised by the Kindergarten Section of St. Thomas More College Marsaskala Primary, as part of the Ekofest 2012 programme.  The activity, which shall involve children, parents, guardians and school staff,  shall consist of the Kindergarten children taking a short walk along the promenade, followed by a celebration of the environment as seen from the children’s eyes.

 The theme of this activity was inspired by Louis Armstrong’s classic song ‘What a Wonderful World’. Its main aim is to celebrate the beauty of nature and to highlight the importance of its preservation.

Programme of Events – Thursday 17th May at 09:30

 What a Wonderful World

On the day, at 09:30 all Kindergarten children will gather at the entrance of the school (near the main gate) class by class. Children will be wearing costumes of bees, ladybirds, butterflies, flowers and other species representing the beauty of nature.  In terms of this event, costumes primarily made out from used (or recycled) materials, have been prepared by the Kindergarten Assistants and the children themselves.

The programme will commence with the arrival of our special guest for the occasion, Chiara.  One of the EkoSkola Committee members will read out a short introduction to the activity to mark the commencement of the Kinder EkoWalk 2012 and address those present, including Ms Josephine Mifsud, College Principal, Mr. Wilfred Cassar, Head of School, the Assistant Heads, the Mayor and members of the Local Council.

The children, accompanied by their respective Kindergarten Assistants and  guests, will then start to walk downhill towards the M’Skala promenade along the shoreline.

Parents who wish to participate in What a Wonderful World activity have been requested to join in the event along the shoreline.

Once all the children reach the shorline they are to hold hands to emphasize the symbolic meaning of the activity – together we celebrate the beauty of nature.

The children will then return to the school grounds, which for the occasion has been given the name of What a Wonderful World.  The song ‘What a Wonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong, will be sung by Chiara at the end of the activity.  The children will have the opportunity to join in the fun.

For further info, please contact Christine Barbaro-Sant, Assistant Head (Kindergarten) & event co-ordinator on 79280789

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