Budding chefs go national!

During the last scholastic year a Cooking club was set up by a group of teachers as one of the extra-curricular activities held at St Thomas More Girls, Santa Lucia. It was an immediate hit among the students. The idea developed further when the club became a beneficiary of the Entrepreneurship project promoted by the Ministry of Finance.

A group of students formed a catering company hosting a number of important events during the school calendar, including Form 5 farewell, Sports’ Day. Festa Familja and Festa Maltija. The students had the opportunity to foster their talents and master new skills like team building, flexibility, negotiating, marketing, stress and time management for the project to be successful.

This was not enough for the girls and the group of teachers when once more the team applied and became a beneficiary of Kreattiv, within the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. During this project the students had to learn new techniques in order to publish a recipe journal with an additional web site. It is important to note that these students and teachers worked extensively during Saturdays and after school hours.

Following a contact with Gourmet, a prestigious magazine, the three winners of this year’s Cooking Club Competition had the marvellous opportunity to be photo shot by professional photograph. With great pride and joy, with courtesy from the Gourmet staff here are some of the photographs taken during the long afternoon. Such experiences keep us going on to unleash new ideas in order to invest in the potential and talents of our youth, bridging the world of academia with the demands of work in the 21st century.

Such work wouldn’t be possible without the constant support of Ms. Mifsud, St Thomas More Principal, Head of School Ms. M. McNamara, the hard working teachers Mr. G. Galea and Mr. E. Mangion, the projects’ participants and their parents.





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